Savoy Software offers a complete suite of risk management and
security solutions to protect financial, physical and human assets.
Observe many sites
across the country, a
city or campus using
the power of Savoy.
Savoy's flagship product, the Video WebEngine Server paired with the Enterprise
is a Network Delivered Digital Surveillance and Security System. It connects a
vast array of diverse systems such as video, access control, intrusion alarm and
lighting from multiple sites into a single graphic control console; all without expensive
custom wiring. By combining all security devices into one platform, organizations
achieve more comprehensive security coverage than is possible using individual tools
such as CCTV.

The Video WebEngine Server  is powered by the unique WebEngines integration
platform. WebEngines provide an unparalleled way to combine many individual "real
world" devices, such as thermostats, lighting, energy and building control systems into
one cohesive management infrastructure. Sophisticated rules, and transport using
standard Internet
protocols make the Savoy platform more cost effective and efficient
than single-platform systems that use traditional hard-wired approaches.