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September, 2008     Introduced ability to control server rule engine by clicking on hot
spots overlaid on camera images.  Click
here for more information..

July, 2008     Introduced version 2.0 of the Savoy Player, a light weight application used
to analyse saved events.  The new version provides for viewing up to 16 cameras in a
4X4 view with accurate time synchronization.  The Player is usually loaded onto
removable media (CDROM, USB, etc.) and can be run on any Windows PC without an
installation procedure.

February, 2006     Introduced Savoy Notify Application -- a light weight application that
can rapidly connect to a server and invoke some function.  Applications include 'panic'
button, initiation of remote service and many more.

April, 2005        Custom Configurations for the Console application

April, 2005           Introduced Cubic Packaging for video servers

Jan 18, 2005        Video Matrix Component on Console Application 4.10.
A Matrix view of selected cameras is now available for Savoy's Console application.
here for details.

Dec 21, 2004        Support for Off-site Video Storage.
Selected video activity can now be transferred to Off-site facilities for more secure and
permanent archival storage.
here for details.

Dec 15, 2004        New Feature called Patterns available in beta release 4.10.
Savoy has added a feature called Patterns to its complement of Video servers.
here for details.

Dec 5, 2004        Savoy Releases Version 4.00.
Savoy has released version 4.0 of its integrated Video Surveillance Platform
incorporating numerous additional features and improvements.
here for details.
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