How To Shop For Kids Shoes Online

Buying your kids footwear is perhaps the most difficult part of their entire wardrobe.

Buying them online is especially tricky as there is so much variety, that you can never tell what’s genuine and what’s not. There are so many different styles, and it gets impossible to decide what’s right for your little one.

What shoes will provide the right balance? Will they feel comfortable enough? Are they durable or will they tear themselves to pieces in a month? Plus, getting the right sizes can be a real chore. And of course, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

A Guide For Buying Shoes


Get theirvfghytj feet size measured in a shoe store that has a special department for kids shoes. Make sure it’s as recent as possible. Otherwise, you would have to account for growth. Your child must stand straight up with socks on to get the measurement just right.

Make sure the size measurement standard of the online store is the same one you used to measure your kid’s. If they’re not the same, you may have to convert it to see where it lies on the spectrum.


Toddlers need support and stability more than the need to make a fashion statement. So try to not to get sucked in by the “cute” ones but rather focus on the comfort level of the shoes you’re buying.


The material used. Try to avoid shoes that use rubber or plastic because they are non-porous. You need something flexible, like leather which will be healthy for your child’s feet by keeping them dry and prevent blister formation.

Try to have a simple fastening system; laces and such. Avoid over-fancy shoes. Try to find shoes with textured and flexible soles that can provide appropriate traction and stability.

Avoid shoes with pointy toes. Go for something a little round or oval, for the sake of comfort.


Let your child decide the color or the shape, as long it’s snug.

Use an online store that displays the length and width of the shoes they’re selling.

Reputable Online Store

Find a reputable online retailer. Ask around. What do your friends and family use? What do they have to say aboutfgfhhju the quality of the shoes they received. This will give you an idea of how genuine their products are.

It’s better to find a store that has a replacement policy in place, in case the shoes are not the right fit or if they are damaged.

Try to find a store that is willing to answer your questions about their products. If their replies are prompt and detailed, then that is a good sign.