Six signs to help you tell the presence of hard water in your home

Have you moved to a new location recently? Do you feel that something is amiss with the quality of water that runs in the taps? Well, you need to pour some little water in a glass or ceramic surfaces and allow it to dry. If you notice traces of deposits left behind or unlikely spots on the exteriors, then you have no option but to deal with hard water. If you are unaware, hard water contains mineral deposits like calcium, silica as well as lime in bulk.

The following signs will help you tell the presence of hard water in your home:

Strange stains

gdgd4If you notice red and brown stains on porcelain ware that make them look quite ugly and cause embarrassment when visitors come to your home, then you must deal with hard water. The iron present in it cause those stains that resemble rust spots. Though you can use lots of vinegar to get rid of such stains, they will keep reappearing. The best way to fix the issue is installing a water softener.

Water tastes and smells strangely

If the water running in your taps has a weird smell, then the chances are that it is hard water. In some instances, it starts smelling similarly to rotten eggs when the minerals inside it, particular magnesium starts reacting with hydrogen sulfide gas produced by bacteria to form sulfates. When the water has a high iron content, it will have an undesirable metallic taste.

Soap scum

In simple terms, soap scum is the accumulation of deposits from hard water on surfaces everytime hard water evaporates leaving behind calcium deposits. The primary reason is that the water doesn’t mix well with the soap. Don’t be fooled that it’s your dishwasher that is causing the stains.

Dirty clothes after cleaning

If your clothes never get clean no matter how hard you clean them the water that you use for doing the laundry is suspect. Minerals like calcium and magnesium don’t react well with detergent or soap, and cant get rid of the dirt as well as grime.

Clogged water pipes

Apart from clogging shower heads, hard water also blocks pipes. Yes, you heard me right! Hard water is rich in minerals that accumulate on the pipes clogging them with time. This interferes with the flow of water and will cause backups in the long run. The best way to deal with the issue of blocked pipes is installing a water softener. You will also stay away from other plumbing issues.

Skin irritation

ghdhgdd64Since hard water is not capable of washing away the soap from your skin efficiently, your skin dries out with time and gets irritated. The minerals that accumulate on your skin rob it of its moisture and cause common skin conditions like eczema among kids.

If you notice any of the signs as mentioned above, then there is no cause for alarm. All you must do is to visit some websites to get more information on water softeners and their installation.