Who we are

Savoy Software is a privately held Massachusetts based company that has developed a
product called a WebEngine that serves as a platform for Internet-based monitoring and
management of commercial and residential facilities. Combining Savoy's software
technology with industry-standard hardware, WebEngines provide cost effective solutions
for video surveillance/playback and commercial facility management. Savoy solutions
have been successfully deployed in Fortune 500 enterprises, national retail chains, small
businesses and state and local governments. Additionally, Savoy has systems protecting
and managing public schools, universities and hazardous materials facilities.
Management Team

Dr. David Nelson
CEO & Founder

Dr. Nelson has been responsible for several successful startups in the computer
industry. He was co-founder of Apollo Computer where he was responsible for product
architecture and was instrumental in the company's explosive growth that resulted in a
successful IPO and subsequent sale to Hewlett-Packard. Prior to Apollo, he was
Director of Research at Prime Computer. In 1990, he founded Fluent, an early
developer of full-motion, digital video over local area networks, which was sold to Novell
in 1993. Dr. Nelson holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Maryland.

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Concurrency in Computer Applications
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