Tips for Effective Revision

Tips for Effective Revision

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Revising always seems tedious, and it is human nature to postpone what you don’t want to do, especially when there is no apparent urgency. However, by developing a method and getting used to following it, the revision becomes much less burdensome, and the results improve. Here are some tips for revising.

Organize Your Time

group revision examsThis is the basic principle, but it is necessary to remember there are so many subjects to study that it is useless to try to learn everything by heart. To memorize the essentials, the work starts at the beginning of the lessons. It is, therefore, necessary to get an idea from the outset of the objectives of the courses and their general framework.

This will prevent you from stopping at the details and remembering the most important. It is also apparent that you must first make sure you understand the material well before memorizing its parts. Everything will then be easier to assimilate.

Plan Your Revision

Although it is difficult to know your schedule well in advance, you should predict how many hours per day you will be spending on revision. By making a plan, you won’t be caught off guard, and you can even schedule hours of break and relaxation at your own pace. A week or two away from exams, it is even possible to set up an hour-by-hour schedule.

Revise With Friends

This does not work for everyone, but it is often useful to revise in small groups. Asking and answering questions with friends often helps give you a better idea of ​​the material. However, it is essential that everyone is motivated. If anyone in the group starts joking all the time, the revision will get out of hand.

Use the Good Old Cards

Even in our technological age, index cards still have their relevance. Many teachers recommend their use. Well designed, they are the best memory aids. Many students have the reflex to produce cards when the course is too long, and you need to quickly go over the essential elements before an exam.

The cards also allow for more active reading. Since they are personalized, it is up to you to make them more attractive. You will be less distracted than if you read all the texts offered by the teachers. Nothing prevents you from adding color to your cards and highlighting important passages. Some even add small drawings to it.

Since space in a sheet is limited, care should be taken to summarize the material as concisely as possible. You have the choice between writing traditional files and writing files on a computer. This last option ensures that you will not lose them since you will save them before printing. Even if they are damaged or lost, there will always be copies left.

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